Go electric with the new P12

Our Climax range recently welcomed a new addition: the P12, a compact and fully electric pallet truck. Extremely suitable for use in small, narrow workspaces.

Reliable design

The design of the P12 is based on that of the trusted manual pallet truck. Simple and durable with a focus on safety and ergonomics. The display provides the user with all information he needs during the use. Thanks to the contactless key switch and the automatic power-off system, accidents are avoided.

User-friendly battery

The lithium-ion battery allows for mid-shift charges without resulting in a loss of battery capacity. A change and a quick charge are now even easier to perform thanks to the new plug-in/out system. The battery is completely charged after two and a half hours.

Improved productivity

The fully electric pallet truck allows the user to work a lot more efficiently. Furthermore, the price difference with a traditional hand pallet truck is compensated by the durability and user-friendliness of the P12.

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